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    " Double tee slabs can be used for most applications requiring a long span floor or roof system (10 m to 30+ m) and/or additional load carrying capability ... Parking garages, office buildings, commercial buildings, gymnasiums, pool roofs, food processing plants, paper mills, industrial buildings, and sewage and water treatment plants are all ideal applications. Slabs can be cantilevered at one or both ends for up to 4 times the slab depth.."

    Structural Floor-Roof Systems. Technical Brochure

    " Precast prestressed concrete double-Tee units frequently offer an ideal architectural and structural solution to achieving longer spans. Unit widths are generally about 2400 mm and spans may be 16 m or more dependent upon loading [...]
    They have proved particulary popular for multi-storey car parks, shopping centres, offices, leisure facilities and factories, as well as for light bridges. Indeed, they can be used to advantage almost anywhere that long spans, high loadings, ribbed soffits or, equally importantly, fast construction times are required "
    The A-Z of double-Tees
    CONCRETE July/Agust 1995

    Tee slabs (over 30 ft. span): Tee slabs are named for their section, single and double tee slabs are common based on the load and span requirements.
      1) Depth = span/24
      2) Standard depths
        a. Single tee = 12?-28?
        b. Double tee = 10?-24?
    Lecture Notes. McGill School of Architecture

    Forjado PREDECA "PI" . Prefabricats de Catalunya S.A.

    Forjado de hormigón armado. Interejes de 60 cms. Grandes luces (hasta 12 m o mayores) . Grandes sobrecargas.

Prefabricats PUJOL. Placas TT
" Respecto a la placa alveolar, necesita de más altura de forjado, ya que toda la resistencia de la pieza se confiere a dos nervios. A favor, tiene un menor peso propio del forjado... "

  • DOL, Díaz Olivares López S.L. Esquivias (Toledo)
    Forjado nervado.
    " se consigue un aligeramiento en el peso para unos grandes cantos. Su espesor suele ser de 20 a 35 cm. Su peso varía desde 263 Kp/m² para el espesor de 35 cm. hasta 445 Kp/m² para el espesor de 55 cm. Se pueden emplear con capa de compresión o sin ella. "
  • TRUMES, S.A. Prefabricados de hormigón. Tarragona
    Forjados industriales placa TT

    1.3.2 Rules of Thumb

    Thus the ratio L/d can be seen to be a measure of performance as well as a ratio that can be controlled by the designer. This simple calculation, as well as the experience of many designs, has led to sets of "Rules of Thumb" used to establish system and member depth or thickness. The following are "rules of thumb" for minimum depth of concrete, wood and masonry structures that should assure good performance: L = clear span, H= clear height, and S= clear width.

    Solid slab =L/48
    Cellular plank = L/40
    Double tee = L/32
    Single tee = L/28

    Proportioning concrete structural systems and members

    Concrete Floors go to great lengths   Resumen del CINDOC
    CPCA Canadian Portland Cement Association

    Oldcastle Precast Building System

    "double tees are available 10’ and 12’ wide in depths of 24" to 36”. Stems can be dapped to lower section depths depending on application. Standard lengths to 60’ but custom designs can exceed that"

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Double Tees


    >Stresscrete Double Tee is specifically designed for suspended floors in large commercial buildings

    The prestressed spans come in two standard size modules (other sections are available), 1200mm and 2400mm wide. Typical spans for Double Tee sections range from five metres to eighteen metres. Differing sections are available within these ranges to accommodate specific design

    Double tee floors

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